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"Stay Away from this company" attention costumers Check your bank statements you could be charging double , liers,they have been taking money out of our account for moths and they always play games saying that they will return the money , but is not true , Atencion layers we no we are no the only ones

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WORST WORST WORST SERVICE .. Over 3 years and they won't fix the problems with the system . It's not even set the correct way. They never call me back . I call almost every day .. Terrible service .

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We are a Mexican Restaurant in California. When we get busy our TouchSuite POS System completely wipes out all of our tables and we are left with a blank screen and pissed off customers waiting on us to get assistance from TouchSuite Tech Support to fix the problem. Unfortunately this happens one too many times and is detrimental to our business as customers get upset not at our system but at us as a business. TouchSuite says they have... Read more

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Touchsuite - Another Highly Pissed off Customer
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As (owner of City Lights Bar & Grill) inLas Vegas. I have been experiencing major problems with The Touchsuite POS system. I have never witness anything Like this in my 18 years of entertainment and restaurant years. These systems crash a lot during the busy times of my business. It is a challenge getting anyone to respond. This weekend Of April 7-9th 2016, I have called tech support over 20 times seeking Urgent help. My systems have crashed... Read more

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I was told this system was perfect for my salon and had all the application I informed the sales rep I needed. When I received the equipment for my brand new salon I noticed several issues and apps not as promised. I tried for 2 months to get the bugs fixed with no resolution. The technically support team was excellent at returning my calls and finally realized it was not going to work. I received notification and a return shipping label to... Read more

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DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID! My name is Alex Giampietro i own a full service restaurant. I had touch suite they are the worst nothing but problems. The list is endless. You can call me at my restaurant Garlic Knot 954-671-8400 that is how strongly i feel about you not making the same mistake i did. They will promise the world and never deliver.The system has so many bugs and limitations. The deliver function is so out dated.The mapping... Read more

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I got the touch swet for my salon and have not been able to use it at all but they keep telling me i have 2 more years on lease but got my paper work out ran out March this year nonething but lies no more money from me and i am turning it over to my attorny some one needs to get behind this i want all my money back and they can have this peace of *** pissed

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Have had it over a year and not been able to use it it is a piece of cap service is no good ND I want the to take it back are resolve the problem

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There hardware is decent, there Operations Department and customer Technical support is very helpful. I spoke to the CTO (totally worthless), I called back and spoke to the Director of IT (nice guy) helped he. I could turn back the clock I would not walk away I would RUN!!! Please do yourself a favor stay away. Trey are a very dishonest company. They say they are growing and going through some pains that are associated with this, another lie.... Read more

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Touchsuite promised the world. Great rates, great service. I submitted statements from my current processor. Looked at the demos, all seemed great. Then the fine print. They would not explain their rates any detail AND the require a 3 year contract with heavy penalties for early cancellation. They NEVER mentioned the 3 year commitment during any of our multiple conversations & emails.Plus they would not lock their rates, meaning they can... Read more

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